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Sept-21 The City of Edmonton Alberta Canada Finally KILLED ME A STRANGER From St Albert Alberta

Well you all go me I entered this shit hole in 1978 after pretty much being tossed by the CHURCH controlled R.C.M.P. as The Catholic Church Owned everything in the Town That I was raised in St Albert Alberta Canada --- and they all knew what I was and it took from November 1, 1978 too September 21, 2022 = 16, 030 days = 43 years, 10 months 20 days and tonight as my world / life ends so does this shit hole planet as in case you haven't looked out the cages that we all lost as every is no, earth left as it once was

Your species destroyed itself lol and I only was allowed to awaken on August 16, 2022, so I have only been 36 short days and I see so much UGLY everywhere as all you want as you want more and more

Well today HUMANITY KILLED ITSELF and EVER and you all pretty, much killed EVERTHING else, the


The whole thing the planet, the animals the air, the water .. man, the destroyer lol

you finally all did this


Intelligence --- debatable

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