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Sept 24~ It is the day of the Mad Hatter Experience of Edmonton ~

As I was given a free cake at the Italian Shopee and I have no money at present as I borrowed a $5 to get sum pudding as I has been living on pudding since I was somehow charged for seeking help for my PTSD after it was discovered by the damn best psychiatrist I have ever had by removing a nasty drug called INVEGA into my ass ( but I liked in my shoulder better ) as I was / am shy ( wonder why no more ) catholic priest that RAPED me and started the family falling to pieces around when NASA landed on moon I think I was innocent and now I needs a LAWYER and I cry all the time as I feel I killed my daddy and made my mommy get sick and end up in the damn internment camp / nursing home (I better be quit as I walk bad at home) and this is a signal of what my mommy had

But I got FREE CAKE today it was a BOGO woo and free water as the guys at station # 5 firehouse are also very very kind to the mad hatter experience (You know sometimes I know this whole city is a GREAT Place as Even the Police seem KIND as I is a pain some (ok all) the time unless I am on the streets waving at em' -- people is good but society is screwed I think as the book I am into is called


Could be nasty as fu&K in a few more years I only hope I might be out of JAIL for RAPING myself ( no the priest RAPED ME I am going to court because I asked for help to get Trauma Therapy

I wuz thinking today as I do this somehow and sometimes as the thing with Mental Health issues was not an issue a decade back but now it seems that we all getting it and the celebrities ends in the papers ( I had to make even my own my paper ) THIS IS IT -- hope ya likes it as I put my hearts into it sometimes ( no, most of the time as I see so much BULLSHIT ) in my real world

Like there is a little Yellow Home across for my place it is like $ 267-367,000 it has 5 units and I found a wee little Ladie yesterday cryin' on the streets as she is on the streets for three long years is the story and she really only seems that she is trapped in a loop ( no ID -- No Address -- No Welfare ) damn hey Elon send up a few of them $ 10K homes and lets grab some lots somewhere --And Jeff I really think I would love a Library in my Mommy's and Daddy's Name Faciote ( just a small place on 111st by the Aviary as Peko lended me a $5 today so I could has my thing of the Pudding ( I is going to get Phat as it is like daze 12-13 now with pudding daily but The Mad Chemist is Making Me Up Some Chicken Soup on Monday -- Jeff he needs $ 1,000,000 if you and the other guy umm Elon dropped in $ 500,000 each The Mad Chemist could keep peddling his Chicken Soup to Me At Least and The Last Time I Had Home Made Chicken Soup I was Like `13 years old or Younger and my Mommy made for me

Let's all help each other as shit we can't take fu%k all off this Rock ( oh I keep damn forgeting you both have ROCKET SHIPS to PLAY --- ROCKET MAN -- Elton John song that my little sister liked him growing up ( My Daddy died on her Birthday February 19, 1975 and I would then have a screwed up time wishing her a happy birthday as I was not sure how she would take it ) life was sure as shit screwed up after that night

That is putting it mildly as I was sentenced to pick out a suit and a casket and I screwed up on both and I told no one that dad cashed out the Life Insurance to travel around the world before he passed away

He knew his time was due and he wanted to see a few things ( and likely ladies ? ) WTH ?

Holy Shit I somehow needs to get a gaming chair for the desk as sitting at the Loveseat is even more destroying my body, my low back is killing me now

Legs was started earlier, as I did 4.1 km again today, I am so blessed as I get to Make People Happy

An older gentlemen suggested a new hat today we will see I actually thinks he was seeing my actual hair as YUP I am an Old Ancient Old with many spells ( the ---- beginning ) there is two words pretty good ( actual spells )

I gots to move as this body hurts

If you can help with a buck or two you can send it interact to

I would love to have someone help figure out the crypto # but as my therapist on my first session I am too STUPID

But we will see as I told my buddies at station 5 that we need to start a DAO and buying the neighborhood if this is interested in you get to me and lets

Buy a dying Rock to Give Back to God but We Can Help People When We Are Still Here

Hey what if I can get more than Pudding wow!

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