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Sept 28~ Jesus Said in The Holy Books That This Shit was Going to Occur

What 2000 years was not along enough time for HUMANITY to get our shit together and Learn to Love Our Neighbors

If he as here now, would he change the words or wording around I think he would and since I own this Blog / Website and since it is mine, I will say it

He Might Say -- Learn to Love Your Neighborhoods, and since the Planet has changed in a very brief time say 2022 years, I am just guessing but there was only about 45,000,000 people were here including Jesus

So, we now have according to the Human Clock 7.98 billion people

and the deal with the planet is that we now are now not as close even with Jet Planes the Human Race is Still so Much separated

when I last spoke to my Lawyer (yes, the Mad Hatter, Experience) was a bad person until the

But I must also ad that this Lawyer even with a Degree in Finance thinks we can't save even his own Children so what is motivation for showing up as a legal aid lawyer 5 days or how many he gets a day ( and By The Way =BTW) he also CANNOT be my Lawyer for the Trial as so I get to stand my own Defense

Back story is told as when I was a child I grew up in a small town and everybody had pretty much everything including my family up until a while after the Confessional Booths Catholic were brought in the school Gym ( all I know this was about mid 5 for me and I don't know why they were brought in and we will likely never know however --yah the SINNER in ME I supposed --BD / SM (what before Junior High) yup lol, as I was bored with school totally as I was the NERD that could not get anything less than an A (This Carries to This Day) as I had a buddy who was her a few weeks after I arrived in my place on the Top Floor Penthouse (Don't think that way as combined with the 4-8 km a day that I walk ) A deal I entered into with GOD while serving time in the ERC (JAIL) in Edmonton, it was April 22, 2014 and I was praying in my cot / bunk -- on the low bunk that all I wanted was to go back to the shelter as being in that cell was driving me crazy (REALLY) I asked GOD & Jesus (This was just after receiving my Holy Bible = Redemption from the Jail Pastor) and around the same time that CO LANGE took my shit from my cell less my Bible and Glasses and I only wanted to go back to the HOMELESS SHELTER (Think That) as I only wanted that cell door out of my face again -- as I had done my 52 Birthday and my 1st Anniversary of Sobriety in that damn place I QUIT drinking on The 15th of February 2013 so this Sobriety stuff was all kind of new for me and then I would spend a Anniversary of my Daddy 19th of February 1975 and also my little sisters birthday (SAME DAY) and likely this is why JAIL was a somewhat good place to be as I even got a wee bit motivated when I received the Sun Paper for my Birthdate on February 23, 2014 ( Birthday was the 4th ) and was bored and I thought that reading the paper might pass a bit of Montana Lynn Delory she was just 12 the same age as my kid sister was the day my DADDY passed, I made a promise to God & Jesus Christ & Myself that I would create a group home system for to Honor her Name and the rest of my day was inconsequential - until March 28, 2014 when I was released and driven to a nowhere place to get to the Shelter ( as the ERC had promised me meds for 5 days and a Cot or Mat at The Shelter, along with an appointment with a SHRINK who I would never see again) as I was about to enter a 37 month trip that would take me from back to Jail ERC to April 30, 2014 but anyways when I was out it very cool as I found the -- Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation in Edmonton from March 29 --30, 2014 which started me feeling something (but I was not sure what) I also bumped to Pastor John Ooms coming out when I was going in which was about 9am (He stayed a very long time if the doors even opened at 730am) I was there both days and had an incident as I had a few $50 bills and they had some Tee's and I wanted so I gave the lady a $50 and she handed me back 2 $ 20 well the shirts were $ 20 so I was fortunate I caught it and we had the chance to make the right change

On the 30th I was sitting by a Charge Bot (never heard of), and I was charging my iPhone (homeless with a damn iPhone) Yup lol. You see a few months ago I was living large at 2011 to September 4, 2013, in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, with a massive Living Area / Dinning Area I was being helped out by a great friend and then in August / September 2013 I started getting serious as fuck sick and I was unaware as this is how Manic Depression works others see it sometimes long before the individual does and I was not getting regualar sessions as I had what I deemed my Book-End Shrinks (2) where one would work 6 months and the other would his thing for 6 months it was to not pay as much TAXES (Yup, Screw The Patients Mental Health) we don't wanna pay taxes and we likely found a way to scam the CRA / IRS and who cares if it destroys or kills a Patient or Two so one would raise my meds on his stay and the other one would lower them, this is the kind of treatment I was from March 2006 The Same Time My Marrige which was a sham) would end and my shrink would retire but not retire really until December 2021

Tonight the weirdest thing occured as I was called a = HUMAN = a Good Human by a Crisis Worker who taught me a EGG recipe on a very down, and very painful day when I was dealing with the damn Bedsore that took over two years to heal and the pain was fucked up as when you get a Bedsore on The Tailbone ( which generally means you are laying in bed way to long or sitting to long ) [ oh did you know? That they are calling Sitting The New Cancer ?) and it is because they are seeing more of these damn weaponized holes in humans bodies .... it was horrible ( horrible like how do you sit, sleep, and you I promise you that you can't sleep the 24 hours a day ( 8 for sleep [if you are lucky] that gives you sixteen "so whatcha going to"

Anyways before the damn bedsore I was doing 3 shifts of walking the streets and about 9+ km a day and my doctor tried everything to get me to slow down, I could not do this until yah you already know what occured I got hit with a damn bedsore on my tailbone from HELL and I remember one day I was so pissed at a session whne the wound converted to a tunnel wound and they had to stick their damn STICK into the damn hole to see how deep it was and I one day was going to have one of this shit NONE -- weekend to and security was called and about every nurse on site (no training extra it seems just a day in the life of a nurse and I had to have two as I felt something that wasn't right at a satilitte clinic I was totally freaaked as holy shit did she touch my ANUS the bedsore was on the tailbone a few inch difference and the entire system goes into the defence mode was horrifing ( and now we know the why don't we yup began to trigger my memeorys little bit at a time (little bit)

Fuck, I got screwed by everyone around me as for the X Wife she came in from South Africa and that was on December 22, 1999 and she lived me until March 17, 2006 and it screw Habitat and it screwed me very hard as I just was then realizing I was being played for 6 years, 2 months and 23 days -- the house was sold and Habitat for Humanity was paid back what left on the Mortagge and we got a bit left over

Then as I said I was moving into Luxury Living and there happened to a damn bar in the building and I damn near lived there from March 1, 2011, to March 21, 2011, I was hunted down by the Police (must have been 10) everywhere and they then loaded me into a paddy wagon vechile tthey use at times (I have yet to see it recently however!) and took my drunk ass out to The Asylum (Supertramp, Crime of The Century) I think that Trump has just about won this now.

It was a brutal session that was about to get a whole lot worse as I was pretty much taken into an interagation room and had all my Vitals done and then the Nurse says YOU have the FEVER but never explains herself and then I am strapped to a stretcher in tthe waitng are for the ambulance to get me ( this is weird as this never occured before ) so were now off to the Misercordia Hospital The Covanent (The Catholic Hospital) and I was housed in a glass box where everyone could observe their new pet and tthen after a while I asked if I could order a PIZZA (no shit from Funky Pickel Pizza,) and after a few hours and having this crazy dressed lady? enter the Glass Box with these big mother blood tubes / vials and they were massive with a ball on the bottom and after 3 I said " If you take one more I pass out right here right now and she finally showed me some mercy as I was now dizzy as hell as it was like that blood was sucked out of my brain, and then 18 inch meatlovers PIZZA is not here ( in my glass box) so I called back (YUP I Had a iphone the first version so I called The Funky Pizza Back and they said they took it to my old address and since I was a good if not great customer, they said they would cook me up another pie and get it to me FREE and 25% off the Pizza that I ordered ) the magic of the CELL PHONE as I would have Visitors in the shape of Security Guards asking me to show them how to download ebooks and there were not a lot of places in 2011 as there are now but I should a few of them how to do this and I was treated well until they once again strapped me to a stetcher and I start having B&D / S&M shit go off outta my mouth so it was untie ( ilimates bondage ) and were are working on ending the Disipline what do we know right -- still having issues with them damn monster blood Vials as if you know what they are called send me a short note pleease

I would also be treated for a bedstore onmy coxxyz that lasted over two plus yesrs and where I would be treated in 2019 again for my Bedsore, and when I moved in the Girls from Grant MacEwan also arrived ( they would leave the exact day I was allowed to go home April 27. 2019) we had food servers and food carts, and we could order a choice of foods, this was on 8 EAST and I still do get this okay and I would forever be walking around the hospital and grounds working for God to Make People Happy as this was the GIG that was asigned to get my CELL door Opened at ERC / JAIL

Thanks to Wong, King and the Wonderful- and playful Dr S, along with the nurses who took fantastic care of me, for security for not being to hard on me for when I walk / stalk the Hospital Corridors at 2--4AM and funny thing is when I kept finding a phone I would figure out how it worked and I would do my Christian Act of Pissing Ary off, one day he shows up at 8 EAST like he was a BIG MAN in Town ( okay the Hospital ) and he had his arms crossed and we bumped into each other at the elevator (front) bays and he won't say a damn word to me, and I go for my walk around to make people like Police / EMS and the Odd Nurses that waiting with PATIENTS in Overflow, but the day of the Crossed Arms Show I had a little Visit by two Security Guard to see The Mad Hatter if I had the time ( if I had the time) and I already knew I was up (shit creek without a paddle) I have known Ary since 1999 or January 2000 and now he finally figured out a way to block me for him 2022) butthe SECURITY team was cool as they knew I was in massive pain and I was not in a good internal mood but Ary treated me as if he is a Christian and then Crucifixize me as I am a damn Charity Case as he never gave me a chance from the first time I met him when the church CRC decided to move us and things went to shit as fast as some people actually fast for -- I was high and I always carried a beer as I was not able / allowed to life hardly anything ( doctors orders ) and it is doctors anyways (I need a coffee at 338am brb) got a new cup and this is likely a very long blog post for me as I am into it tonight

As I have been Charged as Being a CHILD RAPE VICTIM looking for help and while the police have nothing against me the fact is the internal pain, mental and emotional pain plus the odd shift in reality when a VIRUS Blows into TOWN (City) Edmonton Alberta and sticks around for a few years ( well maybe forever ) -- ( I wish I could get a WATER SERVICE to bring water as them 4 ( feels like 5 ) flights of stairs is a WCB Claim also awaiting but I wish I could get a glass of ICE WATER a TIG as My Favorite Barista at the Cafe always gets me and today she said it my easiest order I get to do, and she has a twisted beauty smile and she is cute all the time...Oh a TIG is a Tap + Ice + Glass ( and the perfect TIG) is produced now they have 30 plus brands at the Cafe --- Store and I go and hang out with what has become my family as I truly LOVE every one of them and I have never been treated as the name I was

So I get to go to COURT for seeking help getting Trauma Therapy as my Psycahrist says I have PTSD do I need a note for her or what?

It has been a unreal time since we have had a face to face and I miss them as she is a beuty and I thought I had a few pretty doctors at the AHE while they held me for so long I knew most of the staff of cleaners names

And all this long time I have yet to have a drink ( still now) you think it has now been right now = 9 years, 7 months, 12 days, 17 hours, 23 minutes and a few seconds up I have a APP for tthis is it not worth fo my life as MY LIFE IS of higher Value since I have a bunch of little familys all over the City of Edmonton, as I never really had a family since I was around 12 and my DADDY could no longer look at his only son as after being a straight A Student and I was now after the RAPE unable to buy a ( D ) as I never would be able to focus like a kid again it is slowly coming back as I exererse mybrain and mijn dby courses ( learning)

1) Coding

2) Cryptocurrencies


4) Blockchain ( this one is important ) if we even have a future as I just read on the paper I get out of the USA NYT that Cuba, is dark tonight as the entire island got taken out, The Florida Keys got hit hard, and the gas leak into the Baltic Ocean was dilberate

Like I has been saying we must read and try to learn and strecth ourselves daily as we must grow as this has been a damn really long posting so I am going to fix it and go to the next taste and after 2 cups of INSTANT Coffee ( hey we / you better stock up on Coffee ) ASAP at the cafe it is $ 19.98 for KIMBRO Expresso Creamy for 2.2 Pounds and they grind it for me as they adjust for my methoed and I have a french press thanks to a very good friend (AK) who turned me onto this methoed of brewing - it is great but i am rough on the French press itself and I need to save up a few more $ as its $ 35.98 + 5% ( up from $32.53 in October 30, 2021) so almost a year till death it did come -- you know the pot itself makes good water kettles for the plants in the home -- who needs one?

It is 5am and I have to go to court to deal with Charges remember for seeking help to deal with PTSD and seeking help in our society is against the fucken rules now as was set up by a counselor around a few months after he started as he said he was staying for ever

I want out session tapes now between a Provisional Therapist and a Nurse neither of whom had a millisecond of Trauma Therapy Schooling and I pretty much blew yet another year of my life -- Mental PATIENTS don't count here in shinny objects and port of fort Edmonton as I seem to have got screwed on every corner (everyone) as if to test me to see if I was sufficiently strong in some ways that they decided upon a very long time ago and maybe before GRANDPA Left The Country of his birth Italy to Travel to Algeria ( to meet my GRANNY) and they went to France and then all the way To Edmonton Alberta Canda [here is where it cool or spooky] as from France they whole family arrives to live only 2 or 3 homes from what is NOW --- St Joesphs Basilica


ar·cha·ic (ar-kā'ik),Ancient; old; in jungian psychology, denoting the ancestral past of mental processes

7.98 peeps

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