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Sept 4~ You Sent Me To Hell Not Expecting To Ever Return --Surprise Guess What IAM Back Yup ~

You Know, as you attempted to kill me as a Child -- I shut down as that was way to painful ( still is ) I needs help as I am " tripping " OUT pretty much now daily as I don't understand this place I seem stuck in as it is F 'n Horrible --- As it is like nothing and I mean nothing I have ever experienced ever

And maybe, just maybe it was somehow "

Faith and A Very Strong Beleif System that I had to for 51 / 52 (-10 ) not even be aware as my time in the UNKNOWN actually began in 1980--1983 when I was sent to a very manipulative program as it was for months and like 5 days a week it was called the

Evening Hospital as this was a coeerive tool of the SYSTEM and The Alberta Mental Health System as I was to attend the Evening Hospital from like 4pm to 10pm around the University of Alberta Hospital area and then Jump a Bus ( ETS ) and get my ass accross the city to the West End of The City Of Edmonton for a

Light Work shift ( REPACK ) Room for 11pm to 7 or 8am like shit as I was tired as I had to keep this daily shedual for 3-4 months ( week days ) and it was burning me out as I arranged a move in my God Mothers Home ( Mickey K ) and her damn kid a High School idiot that had to toss ( he or his tribe of friends ) a beer cap into the water of a 27 gallon aquarim -- and the best part was he did not tell me and when I moved my favorite fish over well it didn't go so well as my Black Ghost Knife fish met the end I was bummed as we a friend of mine took every predcaution to keep it alive * what we didn't count on and were not informed about this kid fuck changed the water and figured tap water was aquarium water and he he killed my fish and it then gets worse

As he is bangin the good looking girl named Kelly who turned out to be a thief as when I made a few moves after this Mickey Place and Randy ( son ) well they had a child and niether of them had any idea at all as to how to raise a child -- why to children have children is a decent QUESTION and I have ZERO idea as I have seen a few poeples I knew have children and they were children a nd absoultly ZERO CLUE and the BABY CHILD becomes a show KID and it is sad

This was before we entered the period .were in at present THE AGE OF EXTINCTION and having children at this point in the " brief history of mankind " with pretty much everything falling apart makes raising a child harder ( by a very very large percentage ) but you know the human animal needs to fuck and a condum is not always around or the couple chooses not to use it nor any other form of concxeption

Anyways we need according to Elon many many more babies as a popualtion collapse is something it seems not anyone but the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD would have data on as this guy is brilliant and he can afford all the babies he desires where as most HUMAN PEOPLLE are going to havea very very hard time in a few months / year from now as the reality of Climate Change hits HUMANITY HARDER than anything mankind has ever witnessed as the world begins to get harder and harder for the poor and middle class to make a serious go of keeping the HOME RUNNING

You know during my Quest to get Trauma Therapy from June 22, 2021 to now Sept 4, 2022 I was directed to the Police and I was charged ( and it woke me the hell up along with a fe people that treated me very very bad as I am the victim of a CRIME that OCCUERED when I was a child in a Catholoic School System, in a Catholic Town and attending then Holy Roman Catholic Church -- their Priest screwed up everything and I really mean everything in the world of a 9 / 10 year old Child -- it was 1969 / 1970 (I don't know as I have atempted to figure all the deytails out and the PTSD takes over and this shit is fun also NOT as I get fucken destroyed every time I tthink about what occured ( like right now ) this PTSD thing is hell as I have been trying to get help as some days / nights are really really hard as I see the look on my dad's face after this shit occured FUCK

lately weird shit is coming up as I it has been 1 year 2 months and 13 days since all this stuff came up and I have yet to get even a single session with a Trauma Therapist as I have had a Provisonal Pscoligst and a Nurse ( and niether was equiped to help me ) and they actually were more of a hinderance to my recocvery than doing NOTHING as The Psycologist in my foirst szessiomn called me delusional over a battle I had and won in 1987 with the WCB and I changed the subject ASAP and briought up Crypto and then I showed him my ( WALLET ) and he said "who set it up for me ? " and then I said I did, and he said I don't beleive you as your not smart enough ( in other words I am now also STUPID ) and this was on July 14, 2021 and would

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