Sept 8 ~ WINNING is on The Spotify By Santana GREAT WAY to WAKE up on MY COURT DATE

You know my Dad Edgar Paul Faciote -- And My Mom Elizabeth Jean Faciote ( Gournuik ) made so damn many sacrifices to just have children as they tried for a very, very long time and my Dear Mom would go to Work Daily at The Meat Factory and then She & Her Friend Kaye would HOOK UP and head off to the Catholic Church to Pray to GOD that she could have a SON for EDGAR -- that was all my Dear Mom wanted was a Son then my Grandpa on my Dad's side passed inn 1960 and then a short time later well I guess that GOD DECIDED that my Dear Mom was PURE IN HEART and I showed up .. think about winning the lottery well this was / is bigger as I also came out PURE OF HEART

My Mom & Dad would move to St Albert Alberta we had one of the best houses in OLD ST ALBERT as off the Balcony ( where My Dad ) would go after working and working hard for Edgar Faciote Plastering Supplies LTD ( we worked for ourselves ) he would get a drink of what ever ( I was a KID didn't ask ) and his view would look down at Lions Park, Across the Sturgeon River, Up the 7 Hills ( until the city knocked the damn hills down as I guess some white guy hit the only tree on the HILL and DIED ) and the The Holy Roman Catholic Church where I attended Kindergarten and we as a Family Attended Church every weekend until the RAPE and then my DAD was pissed off under his skin and we no longer went ( but when we did go before I was RAPED I remember what they Called were The Alter Boys and I wanted to actually be one of them -- ya really

this is where it started as the Church brought PORTABLE CONFESSION BOOTHS INTO AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ( NO SHIT ) like a hunting mission to find the weakest VICTIMS

My Lawyer ( wants me to say I am guilty ) and I am I am guilty of seeking HELP to Get a TRAUMA THERAPIST which now has taken me -- 1 year , 2 months and 17 days and I have yet to sit with any one even remotely close to a TRAUMA THERAPIST ( And a Phycologist and Nurse ) Attempted and 1 was fired and the other one the Nurse told me all the stuff that occurred was a joke and he was done as I was wasting HIS TIME ( he had 33 years in and all he was doing was TIME FILLERS for his PENSION and he didn't give a shit about me ) at all


YUP -- The Police charged me For Calling Them a lot for help as I was told to CALL THEM By Alberta Mental Health LINE from Calgary and ACCESS 24 / 7 from Edmonton as they refused to help me at all

And it is very very hard for a SOCIAL WORKER ( as more than a 50% of the Mental Health Workers in Calgary are Social Workers and have very limited training in PTSD nor Trauma Therapy )

Remember I am the VICTIM as I was a CHILD that was RAPED by A CATHOLIC PRIEST and now I have been charged for seeking HELP in Edmonton Alberta -- They Destroy My entire FAMILY and then charge me -- with SEEKING HELP AND ATTEMPTING NOT TO KILL MYSELF

And that is what they want as they have even up to recently WANTED ME DEAD, I have attempted to give them this as I HURT PEOPLE for all the Church & YOUR Government DID TO ME

This painful shit they did to me will appear at a later date ( but it will appear ) unless well the truth be told this maybe the last thing I every get to write -- GOD WILLING as I want to finally just go HOME to HEAVEN

Before MANKIND completely destroys itself -- and this is very very sad to even watch and live and attempt to

Make People Happy

God Bless YOU ALL

Lucien The Light II


September 8, 2022

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