September 10, 2021 ~ I Like My Hair ( So No I Am Not Cutting It )

And I had a memory " flash " a few weeks, or so ago I was out playing in the streets attempt to make a few people be Happy & Show It and I was wondering what became of my elementary school kids that were mandated to show up for lessons from the box, it was winter and it was a chilly winter morning and Dad's, 1964 Cadillac Convertible plowed through the newly laid carpet of white packing it firm as we drove into the schools drive in ( a road off the Albert Lacombe New Section ) and Dad being Dad was in his Pajamas, and they attempted to make fun of him -- But that was what The Boss wore when he decided that this was what he was going to wear that day, you see you didn't actually argue with The Boss as he lived the life he wanted --and this might of been the reason I was out there in the winter dressed like The Mad Hatter Experience I was building something very few people could even attempt to Under Stand because 74% of the People working Before COVID 19 were unhappy with their Jobs ( I have a few of them I bump into now that have started drinking as they found a Scapegoat for LIFE ) ya guess what it is a damn Virus ( I'm drinking because of COVID ) ( I left the wife and the kids because of COVID ) and (I am Gambling because of COVID )


I HAVE HAIR AND I'M -- SIXTY ( 60 ) YEARS OLD ( Plus a few months )

What did YOU Learn During COVID -- I understand reality more as I read 26 books so far and I figured out what went so terribly wrong at THE FACIOTE MANSION in the early 70's and that it wasn't my fault ( I also made a few people happy through the whole damn thing with this thing that The City Fathers ALLOW me to do ) and that is and I think you will now a closer to my heart truth that newer people don't get right away as for me TRUST is EARNED as I once was able to TRUST FAST --- Then in GRADE 5 They at the Church got messed up in the behaviors and I was HURT and never opened again as I was a searcher a long looking for the reasons WHY

A few days ago I figured out The WHY -- Using NLP Techniques


On September 12, we at THE MAD HATTER EXPERIENCE will have invested 4 years into the first Phase of The Mad Hatter Experience

I have been notice in the Media a few times. made Into one Edmonton's Mightiest Heroes and I have a couple of Cartoons made of me as The Mad Hatter Experience

I have made many friends and all from an ex drinker that invested 59 days of the last 8 year in learning what it was to be homeless by actually doing it and I chose a season that maybe I proved I love pain ( it was at Christmas 2013 ) my education on the Street began December 4, 2013 and lasted until January 27, 2014 -- 59 days ( cold winter too ) and I was blessed to get a crash course in the lost art of HUMANITIES

I was watched and tracked by a couple of Angels Bobbi and Shanye and they still watch out over this damn Mad Hatter Experience ( cause I am insane ) in a INSANE WORLD

What did you in your last8 flipps of your LIFE RATIONS CLOCK

The ABOVE PHOTO is going to show up on a Block Chain as an NFT place your orders now # 1-5 are presold

It is # 3 in the 365 series one there will 100 of each and a limited collection of 1-25 ad the Ultra Rare at 1-10 and 1 signed copy of every issue ( only becasue I like my NAME now as what is not to like:

Lucien ( Grandpa ) Jean ( Mom's ) Edgar ( Dad's ) and Faciote ( MINE ) as dad left me as the only one with the NAME I got married in 1999 and well I was looking for me and I found MY PLACE finally ( And I am a Damn Proud of who I was and what I am rapidly becoming and I am so fucken grateful for all the lessons as school was never out not for weekends and not for the two months over summer NEVER STOP LEARNING ( Italian, Algerian, Austrian, Canadian Catholic Schizophrenic )

What you wanted me to stay angry with the CHURCH for something that occurred in a very strange time and I have needed through prayer to go back and figure out my my second favorite Super Hero Jesus Christ would Do

Answer = FORGIVE as they knew not what they were doing

By The Way my Favorite SUPER HERO is MY MOM & DAD ( They were a TEAM a strong team till it went down and it was over and I have grieved much all my life over losses here and losses there






The pain is much as it is 341 AM and I want to get the laptop off my lap top ( knees )

Try and Have a Mystical Day ( it is all magic a damn MAGIK SHOW )

Think about it as my Brother Elon Says ( " were already cyborgs " ) YUP and that is why your there Bro

Thank YOU Elon and Thank your Mom when you see her next


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