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September 2~ Suicidal Programming As I Had A Look Inside The Mind Of A Crisis Line Worker or GOD !!

This is where the HUMAN that is sick goes when the shit hits the fan and remember we

( The <Mentally Challenged > Are Supposed To Go ) as just get out of our head as we have a video game we are playing tonight and the CLIENT is not going to get either out or in as this is supposedly very funny to The Crisis Lines in Alberta Canada

Kat J

And we are supposed to suffer in silence as do not bother us after midnight as I should be able to put the PTSD away myself as I said I have yet to sit with even a single Therapist that deals with Trauma I did NOT do this to myself people maybe are Maybe a Disease A Piece of Cheese as INSIDER Trading

I need a Chair for Chair at the Desk as I can't sit a Padded Chairs they are about


Tonight I am getting hurt again LOOKING for help and calling a Suicide Line and Was Told I have a call for the night and hung

My Mental illness is supposed to be Locked in Time and once again I was not allowed to get any help in ALBERTA as I pretty much have to line up my Break Downs ( I have to Set Them on a Timer as I am supposed to buy a day timer or learn to use a Google To Set Up Mental living NOW W

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