Shame --- Makes Us [me] Feel = Un-

Lovable this is me -- I will fix this soon as I cant' do this as it took 33 years to attempt to assemble a good / great mental health TEAM to support me, only to have it fall tp pieces 9 days before Christmas, hoping I would ''execute'' / myself

then 6 days at then I get pretty much(bet) that I wouldn't drink or do weed over the holidays

but f**K it

I am a Schizophrenic

now we get dirty and play as our heads can't be so f**ken far up our collective assholes that we can't see sun-light no more

but then again maybe we should take a short look around at the ''world'' WE CREATED with all that was entrusted unto us

now we hardly say shit to anyone anymore as our ''smart phones have seemingly out smarted us'''

and we have become SLAVES to a indigestible stream of data that we can't even process anymore

we know longer know who our significant other is as we sit at a coffee table with our phones

who take over

we shame everyone around us,

you all have made fun of me so many times that maybe you actually see less funny, as what if I just went away -- you would be f**KEN sad,

So t he deal is

and this goes for my "Health Care Managemnt Team"

as I trusted you all especially you all

and I found out on 16th Mental Dr. and 19th Physical Dr. that the shit we have done over this past year has been


Scitziorenic and we can what ever the hell we want t


and this goes for my "Health Care Management Team"((just don't use the word in front of them as it is like a hidden passage way)

and I never set up my life to be an "experiment" then I no longer wish to be here as this is not how I intend to live my life:

Yes I now as of me am stopping this shit now

and I get to live my life, as the next (ultra sound) and the (cystoscopy) are extras as this life is NOW

MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIMENT -- YOU ALL in the medical / mental he2alth INDUSTRIES do not any longer have free reign over my body and mind

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