Sign by the door says - Stop Letting The Physical World Control Me

This morning with the level 8 pain in my lower body I somehow realized that my very body is trapped in that "Physical World" and (mine) hurts bad right now:

Talked to a Nurse (C) at A.H.E. (Alberta Hospital Edmonton) just called to let them know i was fine and had started a blog (which she ran down) and this is why our Health Care System is a mess, we have Nurses who by training are supposed to be somewhat empathic she said to me regarding my wound (You got what you got by your own fault, you spent to much time on your ass watching TV and laying in bed)

She drew first blood, this is the counter move as first I have no TV nor do I lay around as when it was discovered I had the HOLE / wound I was walking 20km a day and living a life I long for once again

What you thought I was going to point out she IS over weight and sits down for a good chunk of her 40 hr sentence a week, nah she isn't worth the trouble as

"What you give you get" in my world and now its up to the Holy Father who said "Vengeance shall be mine" hey (C) you should check out the Old Testament its kind of cool that way and I have a bond to God and takes care of me, as one of his Children

But that was not what I set out to say, here is was about this all as --

You see my brother and "personal savior" Jesus Christ figured this "Physical, / Non Physical" world/ reality out as did as did Carlos Castaneda in his series of books on the Non-Ordinary States of Reality

"We are not our body" we are not the brain we are pure consciousness (energy) the body and brain are "only" the transportation vehicles for our consciousness

When I leave my Home I "ask" God and Jesus to "Protect me from allowing the Physical World to Control Me"

And yet I failed to go within even with the knowledge that "All Power Is From Within" and look at leaving the "Physical Body (Garment)" behind as I cross the "Bridge Across Forever" is a part of the dance of my personal energy that I will leave behind soon.

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