Sobriety, A Bank, A Festival, 20 Days And A Kidnapping of 2,168 days

CAUTION MENTION OF SOBRIETY (was lethal in my case), Missing Bank Data, The Fringe Festival and a Firing, Then The Kidnapping some 2,168 days ago of a much younger boy / man who it now seems can't ever grow up to be an adult in a confusing world for children

There was a saying somewhere, where a person says (hey that is likely why it is a saying I guess) it goes like this "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

But in my drinking case you seemed to have forgotten that I was the only one getting hurt, (if even i was) who knows --> but you seemed to have had to develop a need to launch as damn bomb into my already screwed up life and world on February 15, 2013 after I had kind of just polished off 4 liters of the cheapest "red wino, wine" money could scavenge up, the morning after (this was going to be no NORM-AL morning after), It was the start of the end of my life as you were about to enter and with a major tactical operation called "SAVING THE LIGHT" (S.T.L.)

You needed to get me "SOBER" (and why me?) and did you even realize that the up front costs of S.T.L. would be out of this world?


What cat got your tongue now?

More on this post soon as I have a MENTAL HEALTH SESSION in an hour and the car has been dispatched as I need this right now:

BLAME SOBRIETY (or the E.P.S) as they started this sh*t, back then and I am a damn PET now. bow wow :-) ruff ruff.

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