Society Inc. did this unto me over decades

Screw Up's always cost More generally WAY MORE to Correct after the Original Screw Up has occurred and in my case Society Inc. began "Profiting" long before I knew just HOW damn expensive all YOU were "Investing" in Keeping Me Alive.

Now it is the time to right a massive WRONG!

No Over-Sight is now causing a epidemic of young people dying from Opiate use/abuse and i have offered to talk to the Kids -- and NOW I finally have a forum and as a "survivor" of the B.O.C. (Before Opiate Crisis) people gonna wish I died as I have been telling HEALTH AGENTS for a few years at least we needed (NEED) better "over-sight" issue No One- Gives A Shit -- NO-GAS-- Until it effects them on a personal level

Then they find that "loss, shame, anger, grief" and more effect them and it effects - families, relatives, friends, schoolmates--and communities and we just move on and say "It Is What It Is"


I WILL SURVIVE this HOLY HOLE in MY Physical Body, and Design My Mental Capabilities to levels yet UNSEEN

My TEAMS are incredible and unforgiving and I will leave a mark on MY PATH through this physical plane of Space and Time

Until I said (ENOUGH) but the system is unforgiving and has people that only care about the NEXT call as I was written off generations ago and now am a NIGHTMARE:

This Project (with all the show outfits) Mad Hatter Hats $65.00 / hat (last 6 months) -Canes $60 (last 3-4 months) Coats (Initial Costs $350) need a new summer one -- shoes every 3-4 months $50 -- Site/blog = $350 / Year ($0.93/day) --Candy --1109gr bag $22 =1/mo

I have funded this pretty much alone at this stage and I owe this at least to my community (I made a Covenant with God now 2x once in a small jail cell and the second time after a major surgery on April 11, 2019 both these Covenants were done with God o April 22, 2014 then 5 years later on April 22, 2019 to serve Humanity and then To Serve Humanity on a Higher Level)

Today Jerry a Gentleman that wanted a picture pretty much funded the blog site for the day with $1.30 amazing as God Provides Angels everywhere for his Children and there Good Works (and maybe what i do has God's Blessings) ya think?

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