Some Of You Have Said ..

look at him (me) yah, me and then you \started posting pictures of me on walls, fridges etc. of me (as someone to emulate) Don't do this -- you began treating me as a role model -- then you caged me (again') in the Prison of the Mind -- once before I ran from this

I can no longer RUN, I can no longer HIDE -- while "she is obtainable" she comes with the price of my very Soul, one I worked so very long and hard to purify 6.5 plus of sobriety till now

I have level 7-8 pain tonight

I self medicated for decades in a life I had before I was here

I wasn't smart in my early years --

I still ain't

Told my TEAM (of doctors) I wouldn't drink nor get high

miss it at times, miss the friends more

tonight Im in the home I found a (way out) and I cant take it no more

im sad really sad, as I get the lessons of a few life times taught in a few weeks

i have no appiette at all

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