Sorry.... IAM So Sad & Sorry

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This IS IT .. I am DONE .. My Body Hurts .. And now my Mental Health Team has / is turning on me

Why because this has been the HARDEST year ever as the WOUND took my life away it robbed me of everything I thought, I knew EVERYTHING

It began poorly on December 31, 2018 with the first invasive digging into my ""'FLESH AND BODY"

Then I would be carted -off to the ER after the EPS being here 2x in a row Jan 2/3 -- I went the 2nd time and met with a ER doc and she attempted to get me to break my being clean 2run from Nov 9, 2010 to this day Jan 3, 20109 some 8 plus years this took her nnetworking with my personal doctor -- as I was NOT going for a Opiate ride again (or so I / we thought)

actual time = 8 years 1 month 25 days

And I got CLEAN by MYSELF as the SYSTEM killed me a very long time ago -- Only thing is that they forgot the body

This is just like the smokes, 12 yearsm the weeds 13 years and the booze coming up on 7 years

Yesterday and again today I was asked by two people I respect at Access 24//7 \

What I? want / need?


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