State Changes (part 1) Why can't I buy one anymore --

Used to be "back in (the day)" that a case of brews, a baggie of smoke was enough to give me something to think about during the week of work, and yes once upon a time this dinosaur worked (long ago)

Now i see people having a brew, maybe a cigarette, I smell a whiff of the magikal weeds, and I am the man out, literally as who wants to hang out with the "straight man" hell even I don't on some nights and yet it (a State Change) is what mankind all seeks as "reality can suck" (CAN, hell it actually does sometimes) and we have all been there with stress from the J.O.B. (unless your the Mad Hatter you think, you would think wrong as My Gig has more stresses than one can imagine) the family, the too big mortgage payments, the car pays, the school, time, STRESS we all know THEM WELL

State Change Agents and why can''t a Mad Hatter alter his state? Or is this the WHY we shouldn't seek to alter our state? Did the Mad Hatter go to far in the Alchemists Kitchen that long period of 37 months when he was "tucked out of sight" but the forces and powers that be? Or did they go to far and create the Mad Hatter from a book written a long time ago to bring amusement to the population who needed a distraction from the realities that the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) Created to keep us on the treadmill yet another week as a battery to power a dead planet

State Change Agents and why can''t a Mad Hatter alter his state? Or isC

Is this the why of the Mad Hatter?

With --

High Expectations, and Intentional Excellence and buying in to this formula, and then there are the expectations from people around me to be the better man in all aspects of life and reality, And to melt down well "incredible back-up plans" have been built in to pull me and my HOLY HOLE (wound) out of the fire I continually as of late am ending up in

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