Steve Jobs Of The Apple Corp Speaks To The Mad Hatter

You know I got on board late ( drugs & alcohol ) sorta messes the internal software of the mental processing CPU up a wee bit when it is taken to the extremes I took it all my life till I was pulled back from the abyss beginning when my life ended to the most incredible lady I had ever met besides my mom, my wife the amazing B and her daughter M who in the incredible few years I was able to spend together with her messed me up as I had my life saved over and over, again and again this all is a incredible gift that they preserved for you all and I am so very Grateful for this GIFT

But all good things need to come to a end and my life ended on March 17, 2006 -- 7 years into it

I stopped the weedZ the next day on March 18, 2006 and was able to stay clean till 2020 when a damn hole in my skin at the coccyx area that the team first noticed ( Dr Bailey Redfern) well this damn hole and the resulting pain lead me back to the weedZ again and it would take till July 27, 2020 to get clean again thanks to a incredible friend and a barrister that has taught me more than he will ever know or even understand, thanks E

But back to my Bro my Good friend Steve Jobs -- this dude in the last few days via a book he hooked me up with changed the game again as I still was hanging on to the " limited past " of my PR ( Personal Reality ) until it clicked and a book came up that I ordered a few weeks ago and with life happening I just got at it this week and BANG damn instant Karmic Change like wow didn't see this one ever coming

The book was given to the people that attended Steve's Funeral in a brown paper bag ( I can't even remember where I read / heard / over heard this but now that I am into the book damn magic life has begun the book is called

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda and came out in 1946 ( this makes sense ) as all the great books are the old books and I think that for the price of a Pizza this is one of the best investments one can make in their lives

here is the link

Hey Thank You for supporting The Mad Hatter Experience Project and if You want to make a donation the address to hook you interact account up to is and I am so very Grateful for anything you can afford to drop on me as I according to the people around the Mad Hatter / Lucien tell me I am getting by on under 21K go figure so a little can go a very long ways at House of Lucien


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