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Suicidal Reality Freaks You Out? Yes, It Also Gets Me as I Has Lost Way Too Many People Over Time?

So what can we do?

You see I have no idea as 40+ years of being pretty much LIED TO and Coeiersed to take for medicine anything a DOCTOR said and feeling TRAPPED in the SYSTEM and Terrified to not follow a Doctor's ORDERS

Created well it CREATED = The Mad Hatter Experience

And this is what we have to now deal with in the GREAT Entanglement of REALITY but remember the SICK Person with The Mental Illness is always the Best Scapegoat (RIGHT??) Cannot be a DOCTOR nor a Big PHARMA Rep, Nor the Government

How about a AISH Generalist / Social Worker who on a February 11, 2021 threatened to have me CERTIFIED as she thought she was all powerful and I was in FEAR FOR A FEW WEEKS (and I garrentee she forgot about it after she said it)

But the people in the SYSTEM always use threats against the Mental Patient (as they have made me feel insignificatant over and over again and again) as I look up to them as they have to be smarter, I thought

Well, they SURE LOVE to INFLICT PAIN & SUFFERING to anyone around them even Marc my Nurse I had who was supposed to be a therapist destroyed me at the end with saying all sorts of stuff that I once again OPENED UP TO HIM with as I didn't know that the whole Mental Health System will team up to ATTACK A CLIENT (THEY DO AND OFTEN)

This is why we have Mental Patients KILLING THEMSELVES FREQUENTLY and it also creates Monsters (Like Kanye West / Ye) who uses Mental Illness to cover his Behavior and to say Mental Patients are Like this

BULLSHIT Mr. YE -- and YE get your shit together you are open that mouth one to many times and someone is going to shut it down (not me bro) and we also do not have the Gun Rules you have in The South

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