Taking a break ` from MHE - Live - The Blog Will Go On Till I Decide And

Before I go Insane -- and then coming back AS well YOU can decide I am not going to me who I was before I was anymore -- you could say I will be ''NEW & IMPROVED" as I need to analyze the data from the event of MHE as society created me in 1985 as a 24 year old skinny drunk and weed user

1985 to 2019 = 34 years what a trip

wow and to still be here to tell the story

Time will tell well still kind of skinny but have a survivor story to share with the world as I have been on the most incredible odyssey, that any man has ever under taken as I have most of the data from that period and 20/20 will give me the time working with a few close friends that write professionally to compile the book


in this case *The Light* in Latin = Lucien

Maybe the book will deter another from heading down the path I took as if I leave a trail of bread crumbs the book will have served its purpose -- and my Earthly Time (ET) will have meant something more than just Serving Time itself

and I am so very grateful for all the times that this society we all share as our working platforms called Earth that you


hell I might even start a religion www.holycupcake.org or will I ?

Time wil tell

Thank You All For 2019 I learned a book full of very important lessons

Thank YOU ALL for my life's story

That's it for now

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