Thank All Of You Who Made (Allowed) This Miracle To Occur

Most of you don't know nor can even begin to fathom all that my "Personal Challenges" since I decided to get sober brought forth for me to endure, as some wouldn't have survived as one of my legal teams says "You Are The Strongest Man I Know"

Thank you {E} I lost everything, including my mind. (try and replacing one of these babies) cost me all I owned, including what now seems like, my physical body

But considering "Master Key System: Charles Haanel: Lesson One" Line 5 -- All Power Is From Within"

Now I get it, the sign on the door was always directing me to this place, that sigh says "Stop letting the physical world control you"

Life is simply a "Catch and Release" event, we don't own our bodies nor our minds they are "on loan" from the Universe / God / Energy Stream / Consciousness whatever we chose to call it

I learned this just yesterday, "we grow attached to ourselves" (the physical) and when and invariably will "breakdown" we are willing tp sacrifice everything to remedy it

Thank You Dr [B]

I donned the Mad Hatter Costume some 22 plus months ago and it for a kid from small town Alberta has become somewhat magikal to say the least. I have made so many new friends that I just can't understand where I was all the "bottled years" I spent and tthen there is my best friend who had to use extreme tough love to get me to wake up

Sam thank, you Sir

I will serve humanity for all my remaining days on Earth for all of YOU

"Saving The Light : Lucien" (Lucien in Latin = The Light) and this event took all of you a most incredible Miracle in and of itself

Thank you for the life raft

It has been pointed out to me by various people and emergency people that they have been seeing less of me on the streets [ and this is a sad truth ] as I have had my ability to walk 20km a day, pretty much every day reduced to around 5-8km infrequently as I struggle with the damn horrible pain from three sinus tract wounds

I have struggled with missing people so much and a nurse friend on July 16, 2019 suggested a blog and here we all are, this very new to me as it has only been 10 days and they have just blown by as i am once again passionate about learning this art as I was pretty much house bound after the Major Flap Surgery the doctors needed to perform on my tailbone just a few month ago on April 11, 2019

However the wound re-opened and all hell has broke out "IN" my body as of late, I am scared, of the pain itself as it doesn't let my catch my breath some days

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