And to my Mental Health Team I ONCE again need to BEG YOUR FORGIVENESS as I at 1130pm Saturday Nov 30 I took a 7.5mg Imovane / Zopiclone along with the massive medication that began yesterday that saw the

1) Abilify / Aripiprazole drop by 50% from 20mg to 10mg in the Morning and the

2) Zyprexa / Olanzapine (under the tonge) increase by 50% from 5mg to 10% with a further 5mg increase coming later this week

I needed asleep I swear that Zopiclone 7,5mg was(taking it away I needed something for sleep

I didn't DRINK or GET HIGH (I only needed sleep) I AM SO SORRY I broke a RULE but I was at my end of the rope

Please -Pleasse put me back on

I didn't break a single damn rule as I was in level 8-9.5 pain again as I was not able to sleep and we NEED SLEEP

You know how much sleep I got after 2-3 days without 8 hrs 51 minutes (I needed it)

II show up for ALL my sessions, allow you into my HEAD -- I take my meds at home- I show up damn it for my Injections


I am damn Pain In The Ass (IRONY) YOU CARVE my ass to shit with your Plastic Surgery Unit (You don't invent this shit people) ---

I have 31 days left till I end this worst year of my entire life, I saw 12 dead bodies, this is not healthy for NORMAL Civilians (and even more disturbing for people with the worst Mental Health Challenge called "Schizoaffective Disorder" ) in 47 days

I have dreams / Nightmares (when they occur) of me being (*BODY 13)

You know I ---------------Might Be Dreaming A Very Long Dream And YOU are in it

Holding Hands

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