Thank You All For All The Lessons And Wisdom You All Shared With Me On My Path Home

Man am I Blessed to be, and to have been "Allowed" all of the Lessons and Wisdom YOU ALL shared while I was on the road over the past 6 years

As I am unable for sleep again this morning I had some time to study some great Lessons

and Listen to some incredible music

Wishbone Ash and the song Time Was is on

"I have to rearrange my life"

" I have to rearrange my world"

but how do I change my "way of living"

I need You All to show me a better way as I am a stranger here

Thank You All for this morning you have allowed this simple messenger

There is so very much to learn and grow from and into

I am so very Blessed

I have incredible moments of extreme happiness that I can't find words for

Like getting my dentures realigned at month end and being able to do something we as humans take for granted, that being "chewing food"

How messed up is that?

I am so lucky and so very Blessed

Thank You Angels

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