Thank You All For Your Love On September 12, 2019

Thank you Kelly for the hug, it made me feel human again, thank you my friend for the 5 cookies they were beautiful with my teeth still being an issue, (was like you knew) and I will see you tomorrow as you said --looking forward --and right now with the pain back it is good to look forward.

Thank you Home Care and all the Angels that figured out a way to get me to the hospital on Monday AM, for the wound itself

Thank you to all of you (and I wish I had someway to remember all your names) that stopped along the way

Thank you K0nto for the fist bump (your hug)

Thank you Teresa for the prayers and kind words they mean so much more than you can know at this moment

Thank You all that waved as you drove by, it is important as air as this is why I do what I do

Thanks for the Weather it was brilliant again in my town of Edmonton AB Canada


NIGHT ALL (Tired tonight)

walked 6.57 miles = 10.57km

I am in pain so a prayer would be nice (and / or) just invent some words

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