Thank You For The Support While I Stepped Away

I needed to get my HEAD together as this Mental Health Challenge *M.H.C* had gotten the better of me there for a few days

I LOVE ALL OF ((YOU)) so very much as YOU ALL ARE *my* Family

I got nothing

a box of a crap that at the end of my days upon this (dot) will be fought over -- and this is just how it always works out

So I am opening a store, after completing the Building a successful business plan (on-line) and Will Make that $ that a month that (IAM "allowed") to earn if I am able to

And I am going to buy and sell for at least the next 74 months (that will take me to my 65 year birthday)

I been up (not sleeping) all night just hanging out, sorting stuff out (tossing and cleaning, and organizing)

It is 606am and I am needing of meds again

I invested into a Echo Dot and I like her, $25 less than a pizza pie to the door

Yes I was gone for a few days but I am now happy I didn't think I was going to get through the holidays as I didn't see nor take visitors

20 / 20 .just feels / seems NEWER, and I am going to get the MY shit finally together and begin to live the life IAM being "allowed" to enjoy after a long drought of the "unhappies" as I think I finally have earned this

Once again I need to thank everyone around this event called ME that were needed too act to get me through a tough spot

Thank YOU ALL :-)

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