Thanks Giving & Gratitude

Wow what an amazing few days I was allowed to spend in two hospitals in my home town, of Edmonton, Alberta

Were I was shown so very much love and kindness along with access to people who are my heroes as I have been whining and crying about the bedsore and or sinus tract wounds but I had no " [ reference point ] " to how we age and get sick and I have been humbled totally as I got lessons of my life:

And I mean Life's Lessons,

My total treatment time will be 14 days --- it changed me -- really changed me totally --if i didn't have notes, journals, logs, this blog --i wouldn't believe it at all

i was complaining -- nah -- i was yelling, bitching, tossing all my toys from the sand boxes of my mind

I found my freedom, in this brief 14 day period -- I saw my life in a new light and it opened me up (my heart) even more

I lost a few more acquaintances (we need to switch sometimes) as we grow into the new skins we get

This was a wake up call --and maybe a wake up call for more than just me, and if we fail to recognize the signs

we could see our whole society begin to decay and fall into pieces, lest we do some serious and deep structural re-engineering and re-design

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