The 14-40 Law & The Rule Of Reality *R.O.R.*

There are a few *Rules Of Reality* that have a direct impact on our lives such as this one does as we can't simply avoid this one as

"The 14-40 Law" encompasses everything, every action, every financial transaction, every moment of every conscious or unconsciousness we experience all the time and it can not be traded, purchased, given away at any price (okay we sell it) daily to "The Man" and yet we fail to understand it, as it is

T.I.M.E. itself the 14-40 is the minutes in the day and while we are sleeping for about 440 of them this leaves just 1,000 minutes for all of our dreams, goals and fantasy's and we need too get work and work prep in there to so

Assuming a 8 hour shift at work with a commute and prep of 2 hours = 10 hours x 60 minutes = 600 minutes from our 1,000 leaving just 400 a day for everything you dream of and that is it 400 x 5 = 2,000 minutes a week plus 2000 on the weekend for a total weekly number of just 4,000 to build the life you desire (4,000 x 50 weeks is just - 200,000 minutes (sounds like a lot *right?* ) watch this 3,334 hours a year

You need to watch the kids, wash the car, keep the yard up, clean the house, shop for food, cook, laundry and what ever else don't forget TV,, and entertainment

Remember those dreams, and goals, never mind your fantasy's what kind of time they going use up? poof what you got left for that extra nap on Saturday?

Misuse on of these minutes and now they seem kind of important maybe?

A single sit-com 2 x a week = 60 x 52 = 3,120 minutes and that cell phone you keep checking it is stealing your life

Your 14-40

Thinking Helps but still is not mandatory

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