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The Art Of The ... Day

So I was sitten around like a kitten and I was wondening to the sky and asking for mercy as this has now become a crazy day as I was able to be up at time as this was a interesting morning at -11c and I was not crazy to go out to "play" but I am about to as this has been a weird and wild day and I has no idea at all anymore as to what is actually going to happen as I see hope as I see the end of the day

Tonight I must do a full day / night as COURT is tomorrow and I am seeing -17C, over night = -19c it will be cold as the day fades away to a place I don't care to know

I am going out to walk and play as I need to have a wee bit of fun oh Holy Father and Jesus Christ and My Angels as I love all of you as this is a long day my legs both hurt and I have to figure out where to go as I is not a bad man as I try to make people happy every day that I am allowed to be out and play

My knee (left) is totally screwed, and I need to push somewhat damn harder than I did yesterday as I was damn easy on me yesterday

NOW I push my people feets out for a bit of a walk as people are likely down as a result of the shit that is all going on at the Global Table

My Goal is that I just want to Make People Happy as there are / were some sad people yesterday as a result of the WAR, INFLATION, COVID 19, & The Rest of the Many Things All Occurring at the damn same times and all I want is make a single HUMAN HAPPY TODAY

Thank You Father Oh Lord Give me a break today

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