`I guess I should be the OnE we sacrifice hell WHY NOT as you already `know that I started out maybe a wee bit too innocent for YOUR screwed up messed up world

So why not eh?

The PAIN once again has kept me up over night in level 9-9.5 without a break at all

I get 24;/ 7 / 365 I find it very amazing

I just wish I had a break at times even a wee short one

payback is tough and I am getting my ass damn well KICKED right now big time and this is no longer funny in any way shape or form

I am so bloody tired of this damn nightmare – it shows me no mercy no kindnesses at all –

I HAVE been good I have been kind I haven’t had recreational drugs of any sorts nor a drink of booze

I keep asking what IT (the wound wants)? it only brings forth destruction pain and misery as iII have dealt with this all for over a year now

U destroyed an innocent man you took my feet my mouth my body and now my eyesight is going ---------------------------YOU WIN

I have been hanging around on this cross for a tad over a year – and I keep asking why AS IT IS DAMN STUPID (one of my allergies’) looks like I will pass to the next level from right here right now as my life rapidly expires (it is an amazing mental mess)

I actually don’t wish to go forward anymore – and if it wasn’t for you this could damn well end, but because of your love kindness caring empathy for me a man you never saw before I a so damn sad as I an fading into the woods in Heaven and I believe you all are very aware 0f the reality of the Mad Hatter and my experimental project we call ‘’ L.I.F.E.’’ or Whatever the Fucken Hell YOU call it

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