The Cybernetic Loop,

I can't break free and / or get off this damn steamroller from hell, and everyone knows what is best as sh*t we can't trust a damn schizophrenic (that) "Designed By Society Inc." created can we?

Nor should we as I am very capable of screwing everything up even more as C02 gases can be blamed on out of control schizoids now to can't they?

The Cybernetic Loop, I ended up stuck on is the one that leads to hell, and the only way I see off anymore is death (mine) and yet I can't do this as I see / feel a responsibility to the very community around me that actually allowed "Mad Hatter Experience" (M.H,E,) to be created in the first place,

That is you.

You however never saw this brewing in the cellar of hell I bet (How Could You) as who / what ever created this monster is a truly sick __ __ CK, truly sick

Now I fight with my doctor (who I have had since 2011) over 2 / 30mg Codeine tablets a day, I fight with Crisis Lines, The PACT team, The Police, Friends (hey who the hell am I no longer fighting with) as my total personality has been changed / altered in ways I / they can't even begin to re-construct

I have no energy anymore, zero

IAM outta here L8R

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