The Data Says ~~ Angels In The House Tonight !

I check my stats for this blog every so often generally month end so today was that day and this week it says that this blog has been visited by 6 cities

Edmonton *my home base* and 5 more and this is the story of the numbers

Edmonton 44.44%

The other 5 are all at 11.11%

Now I have no idea as to how many of you all believe in Angels but those are Angel numbers as when you see a digital clock and its 11:11am or 11:11pm we whom believe say "those are Angel numbers" --- what is the truth

Myself I have been praying all day for a sign a STOP sign preferably as in "STOP the pain"

Weirder yet is I grew up at 44 Gresham Blvd in St Albert as a kid before it all went to shit when dad passed away or moved out (which ever came first) to much alcohol and weeds to avoid reality and then no one around to fill in the missing blanks

And yes Data Lies all the time and this is just a quirk and anomaly or is it??

13 sessions this week also and my epic exile movie // drama // sitcom began on floor 13 BWC in 2013

7 is my lucky number and the number of Countries is 3 different with 7 from Canada and 1 each from the UK and Turkey

and that percentage tables looks like this

Canada 7 = 77.78%

UK 1 = 11.11%

Turkey 1 = 11.11%

Cooler yet is that I have a niece in the U.K. that graduated at Oxford a while ago so I guess an Angel arrives -- I miss you kid send me a email

Remember this is a drama // movie // sitcom and no FISH were hurt or injured in the making of this (event) and it had your attention for a second or two I believe in Angels as should you also might after this FISH story with data to back it up as I for a strange weird odd reason have a smile on my face as I feel safer for a weird reason

And remember "It all comes down to love" and Angels

And I am "the ancient one" in just 2 days and this is a kind of cool early birthday gift a really cool gift designed by _________________ you can fill that in :-)

Remember HUGAFISH (were not just for eating) anymore

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