The Day I Woke Up -- Friday November 13, 2020

Wow, I went to sleep bumped my Head and Said -- Please GOD Save Me (from me) as it is always a place I need to rise from as YOU ALL have been doing since March 15, 1985 when YOU ALL -- began the if I can say the slow re-build of my life [ it wasn't you that took so long it was me ] and today I saw that

It wasn't you, it was me that was tardy

it is [ K 60 / 86 ] till the feast that you don't want to miss (even if your thinking you and your tribe might be in the city of Edmonton on February 7th, 2021 you need to let us know and prepay ) and maybe I will even say a few words

need someone to be the QB ( Quarter Back ) on this event as its $30 for the lunch and we now must pre-book thanks to the COVID 19 reality we are in ( however it will be better in 86 days I promise )

Oh BABY ---- I am alive and thanks to my incredible friends I will be for many years to come and thanks to YOU ALL for


I am grounded on day two ( 2 ) of my ten ( 10 ) day sentence for the rest of my life the new question "will be" \ I will gladly do the ( 10 ) days to be free forever free from the confines of the reality I / we create for ourselves

what will I / we do for the rest of our time here on Earth (as this is it BABIES) our only time EVER that well ever be here, have safe fun and enjoy the drama you have been given

God Bless Babies

IAM -- The Mad Hatter Experience (M.H.E.) IAM The Experience

Keylo & The Mind Parasite LLP

It's All In The Hat

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