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The DaZe of My Life -->

The time it was it was hopeful as this the way it for me and God & Jesus Christ in the the manner of the cow and the chicken -- fighting over a TIG as the world is beginning to wonder about where their next sip of it will come from as this was beginning to be altered and humanity was all on this one as it was a way to earn a few bucks extra but one mainly lost as it became harder and harder as everyone ended up broke as the AI Bot seemed to always win in this have a daily Goma and a place to be as no one was ever there outside the house and and you The Green Hatter Hat coming down the street and he is a Ancient Open and will still drop you a NFT of a Hot Wheels car if you wanna make a donation of $5 so I can eat for the day (email if this interests you talk to me)

Would you know if we had Chickens and Robins it would make a fine soup but I am now thinking about lunch at Tm's

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