The Difference That Is The Difference - Designed By Society Inc.

We have the "have's" and the "have-not's"

We have the able bodied, and the dis-able bodied

The Mental Sound, The Mentally UN-Sound

And how we receive services in these categories matters along with whom we know and how politically connected we are:

I was "Designed By Society Incorporated" a very long time before we even had a internet, and I know that it is hard to even imagine a time with no Cable, No Net, No Cellphones and No WiFi (never mind Free WiFi) [hey you freed WiFi, but enslaved me, not fair] or is it?

Makes me wonder if i am a political prisoner in a prison of my mind and body: nah it actually can't be that strange can it be? Or is it?

Then again we know more about me than some are letting on at least it seems as I slowly peel the onion of my little little life:

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