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The End - Jan 11, 2022~ To Those That Could Of ~

There will be a angry post ( as is also my last post ) as I am leaving today as I can no longer handle LIFE ( mine ) which actually never was mine as when they got me on the Opiates on March 15, 1985 ( ya a long trip / time ago ) that was the end , but the fucken horror story / show began even further back in 1983 when I was sent to THE WCB REHAB CTR and one day I came home from therapy and I sparked a joint outside the apartment I was allowing my little sister to live in ( she even took over the 1 bedroom and I was delegated into the living room and a mattress on the floor ) that damn day I only wanted a beer once I entered the home and as I was buzzed ( the weeds we had back were way better than this GOVERNMENT weeds shit they sell us now ) and I wanted to chill play with my fish as I had tanks and tanks of fish and I wanted to hear some music as that was what I did back then and when I walked in my Kid Sister was out and I could not locate my Record / LP's collection and since this wasn't an ultra safe apartment I thought we were robbed but the stereo was there and I was running through a gambit of emotions and then my Little Sister walks in ( and I have a deal with my dear deceased dad to protect my Lil Sister as that is why she is in my home ) and she was tooting bags and bags of clothing as it turns out that she sold my Record Collection, and I " snapped " now I don't know why but I slapped her a couple of times ( in front of a mutual friend ) and that was it I was now a total fucken mess as I lost my Records and now my Lil Sister in a span of a few hours and I was drinking and doing weeds at the time ( time period )

And the next day in 1983 I was at the WCB Rehab Ctr and I was still a mess and the Physio Therapist noticed I was a mess and I told her what happened ( her name was Kathy H ) and she sent me off to the WCB shrink and I didn't understand his role as it was to stop my claim ASAP regardless of condition I was in ) so he sent me to a Evening Hospital at the Aberhert Hospital in the University of Alberta area and this was my first Mental Health Experience ( and where the Medications would begin ) BECAUSE I am a Mental Health Patient because I slapped my own sister and they had me off for like 6-8 months with a destroyed wrist and I developed a drinking habit ( big time as I remember we grab a case and head off to the roof of the building ( the kids from school, ( sisters ) a few of my friends ) a baggie of weeds and spend the day getting toasted --->

This number is for sale at as # 17--- WAX = 4.13 = $1.51 USD it is called Lost Gift

also if you wish to help out with Crypto my Bitcoin Address is at 3JReBatSVbudUXLnh3bEfrMfLXcgpyVg1h

And to start an account with Coinbase and with $100 USD with this link you will recieve a $10 in BTC ( Bitcoin ) as well will I and this is also a way of helping me in these " interesting times " thank you

And if you can help with FIAT Currency you can use my email address at your bank interact account and send it to

Thank YOU so very Much

Lucien 'aka' The LIGHT in Latin

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