The Finite Life Span Of The Mad Hatter -- The War Files Phase One Of Six

My TEAM knows that I already have an end date in mind, as the pain from the "S.T.W." "Sinus Tract Wounds" and I have three (3) of them and I don't know how to describe the pain but if you can imagine a paper cut and then imagine a 2.1cm, a 2.2cm and a 6.5cm one all at the same time around a section of your body that has massive nerves this is what I am dealing with on a daily basis

On May 15, 2019 after a terrible day with the pain and I couldn't process anymore or anything, I decided that I was going to go full out and push the limits of well EVERYTHING and as a direct result EVERYONE

And the HOLY > HOLE < WAR I was launched as I had nothing to lose anymore as the pain was turning me into a damn person I didn't want to be and I was and had be willing to burn and destroy well everything from my life and risk it all again and I had lost it all one time before for simply getting Mentally Challenged (screw it I was / am a damn Schizophrenic) and proud to be one at that

This time it was coming at me and taking away my physical reality it started by stopping cold pretty much my entertainment I had at the time

The wound hit hard and hit fast on October 15, 2018 and started robbing my of my cafe expeditions at Italian Center Cafe just down from my home

Cafe Costs are a marker

September 2018 = $31.50

October 2018 = $73.22

November = $20.34

December = $5.32

Then it stops cold AS I begun to surrender my Physical Health, this is something we as a society are "ill equipped" to give up, as we have so much technology that it is scary but we have lost the "high touch" to counter are "high tech"

BTW I still attend the CAFE but only a few times a month now as it hurts way to much sitting on a wooden chair and someone removed my "glasses" on top of it, but once in a while you can still see "The Mad Hatter" sipping Italian water from a champagne glass in an Italian Cafe and it simply looks good

We need to start a Campaign to bring back both My Champagne Glass, and Me, as this might be doable

And BTW your buying as a 750ml San Pellegrino as its $2.27 and I will weave you tales from times gone by, present, and even a few into the future, cake is good too :-)

That was 85 day ago

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