The Generosity Rash: That Changed My Behavior

The rash /wound itself is mild, however IAM as controllable as a puppy, by people on my TEAMS and so Very Blessed for the LOVE and TREATMENT I am receiving as a Albertan and Canadian Citizen

For now I need to suspend my "Candy Mission"

working on a new system somehow as they say (where there is the will the way will appear)

The rash is in the exact pocket position of the place I insert a hand 100s off times a day and 1000s of times a week

for now I will write and "play on The Mad Hatter Experience" on a daily basis:

and I thank YOU ALL for all you have done for me

And we are always looking to expand my "TREATMENT TEAMS" as I go forward in life as should we all be . If you are interested and think it would be beneficial email me: at

Once again thank YOU ALL for your prayers and inventions all day, it helped me

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