The Goo Times ---- August 10, 2019 -- Pantie Raid :-)

The Plastic Surgeon I have on my "Team" calls the mesh underwear I wear as a result of the drainage "Panties" so then my Psychiatrist I have on my "Team" says he is sure that there is some kind of illness he can find in the DSM IV or V, you can call them "underwear" (even a few of my really cool Home-care Nurses I have on my "Team" call them Mesh Underwear, but when the Panty word comes up they smile) as they know and there are two sizes identifiable by the band on top i "prefer" and it is a choice the green over the orange as I have way to many weird Orange associations with the Inmate Uniform at ERC as they are a solid Orange.

But the cool thing is I have a TEAM and I can cross over any time i want and I am certain I am basically not going to get extra "Prozac" for wearing panties (hey!!!) I am not getting any damn Prozac at all (hmm? I wonder?) (P4P) Prozac 4 Panties :-)

You can see I am being amused a bit to much here i bet, yup actually it brings the pain down a bit as right now at 715pm (august 11) it is +7/8

Humor is great for pain as even Bernie S. Siegel M.D. in his book Love, Medicine and Miracles talks about it (and I own it so it is a time for a re-read, and a thank YOU to YOU all for "allowing" me my library in my "public housing unit") I USED to have a collection of beer cans waiting to be recycled now since i got both "Very Clean and Very Sober" I have extra money to buy books, and porn is pretty much free and boring so I have great books and Amazon and AbeBooks brings every book ever printed to me all I pretty much need is a $20-30 bill and I have access to brilliant minds --pure geniuses the one i just mentioned was $17 (I have "prime") only Jeff Bezos could figure out how to get me my books, ink, miracle whip, tea, pasta, toilet paper all to my door, but there is more as Amazon Prime has so much more and sh*t it is under a $100 a year

amazing amazon

Medicated Goo and The Goo Times -- Forgot as I had my mind off drugs for a second and it felt nice as I have so many bottles of magikal tablets on my coffee table right now that it makes me sad, as I am hooked as a damn junkie needs his needle as it now seem like a minor medication like Tylenol, Naproxen, Gabapentine (but now for me they have become like my own "blood" and without i would likely die in a mass of pain)

The above was written August 11, 2019

The Goo Times


Tylenol 1,000mg [Pain Level +10]


Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5mg [Pain level +10]


Tylenol 1,000mg [ pain level +10]


Gabapentine 300mg [ pain level 8+]


Divalproex 750mg (mood med)

Pantoprazole Mag 40mg (tummy)


Naproxen 500mg [ pain level +9 }


Tylenol 1,000mg [ pain level ???? ]


Tylenol 1,000mg [ pain level 6/7] finally a break through FINALLY


Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5mg pain level + 7


Divalproex 1,000mg

Zyprexa 5mg

Benztropine 1 mg

bed what the hell am off to bed at a HUMAN hour what the hell I would be "allowed" to sleep according to my Fitbit

from between

759pm to 211am

and from 454am to 216pm

for a totally of 13 hours 55 minutes

It has / had been so damn long since i was allowed this amount of sleep

its been months

To bad its now too late to do wash, however I still have clean "Panties" my Girls and Ladies always make sure

Thank You Girls & Ladies from "MY Nursing TEAM"

13 hours and 55 minutes of sleep FOR ME


AMAZING thank you Dr Sal and your co-conspirators

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