The Goo Times ----August 13, 2019 -- The L.S.D. ex. 100.L/f

It is amazing what 100.L/f's can do to enhance ones mind as I am so calm at this exact millisecond

Since August 7, 2019 when I stepped into the Magik Bus and went for an endless ride to see a "zoo pharma" and even a hard core veteran of multiple "zoo pharma's" it was still a major "pattern disrupt-er" for the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) I entered the "zoo pharma" we walked into. As we had the battered and beaten, the cyclcophobics (they crashed a bike and were not wearing head wear) *note to self, design, build and sell a better head set, we had the domicators a few that even had role reversal used upon them (go girls, kick there asses)

And then there was me dropped from a zone that needed a break from reality to __ __CK with Simulator + the program I live in to enter "zoo pharma" as a mid week session to escape reality as Simulator + needed the down time also for a software upgrade. At least that is what the AGENTS from THE AGENCY let me to believe (I __ __ ck-en believe most anything when the kindness pain level reaches +9.5) ouch I remember it hurt

My studies in behavioral technologies are starting to pay for themselves as the investment was $1,000 for the "texts" and software programs -- it is amazing to see sh*t you dreamed never would happen or work for you, work as if like magic as all the countless hours i invested are now paying huge dividends (in fact they are massive) as I walk in and control becomes a game in Human Design Engineering (H.D.E.)

Why were you born in the first place, as do you have a purpose

The greatest causality is in the land of fear.

The Goo Times - August 13, 2019


Tylenol 1,000mg (9.5 pain level)


Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5 (pain level +8)


Tylenol 1,000mg (pain level +8)


Divalproex 750mg

Pantoprazole Mag 40mg


Naproxen 500,mg (pain level 8.5)


Gabapentine 300mg (pain level +9)


Abilify 10mg (only 2nd dose)


Tylenol 1,000mg (pain level 9.5)


Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5 (pain level 9.5 -10)

why didn't I just say GOODBYE as how much can a HUMAN BEING take before he / she just says I can't do this no more?

This day was coming as I would take an OVERDOSE on August 14/2019 guess that is the next day as this has been a very bad few days


Gabapentine 600mg ( pain level +10) damn


Tylenol 1,000mg (pain level +9)


Divalproex 1,000mg

Zyprexa 5mg

Benzotropine 1mg

It is 443am on August 16, 2016 as i finish this post up for someone to maybe see a way out of the HELL i seem in and contact me:

Night or Good Morning wherever you are

Key' Lo --The Mad Hatter and I didn't actually drop the L.S.D. ex. 100L/f I will soon however

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