The Goo Times ----- August 7, 2019 -- And My Not So Original Sins

This day began in pain and would finish in pain with pain all throughout it as a Oreo as I am now going to start dipping into the Cookie Jar it seems for my Original Sins


30mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol

[Level +9]


30mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol

[Level + 9.5]


500mg Naproxen

[Level 9+]


30mg Codeine ---- Street / A Sin -- "do NOT follow this path please"

[pain level 9.5+]


300mg Gabapentine

[Pain Level +9]


30mg Codeine ---- Street /A Sin -- "do NOT follow this path please"

[Pain Level +9]

635pm Codeine -- Street / A Sin -- "do NOT follow this path please"

[Pain Level +9]

Knock, Knock, City Police enter between 635pm and 905pm along with EMS crew


975mg Tylenol --- @ HOSPITAL (pain, wound, concern from nurse over "Street /Codeine" and to attempt and I say attempt as this was as it would turn out a fail and we will retry when I am hopefully stronger and not alone as hospitals are scary places and this was my first time in one since my surgery at April 11, 2019 [discharge date was April 25]

[Pain Level +9.5]

I would sit in the ER waiting area for 3.5 hours and nothing was being done as they (the staff) said it was a very busy night, Truth is I got scared as I saw 12 dead bodies in my short stay between March 11, 2019 and April 25, 2019 (47 days) and I still can't get it out of my head in fact I needed to take library books out on dealing with death as a lot of weird demons / ghosts came to play

Tim & Jessica EMS were incredible and explained the dangers, risks, products all the [Street] drugs are being cut with,

My need to bring down my "PAIN LEVEL" superseded "rational thinking" on this one, and I had to risk it as I wrote my own personal physician wouldn't / couldn't help me out for just four (4) Codeine tabs

I SINNED however and actually broke a rule to which I am very ashamed right now:


1,000mg Divalproex (mood meds)

5mg Zyprexa

1mg Benztropine

Today I damn well failed you all and it cost money and I hope you can forgive me as well as say a prayer for healing of my wounds as they are making me do things I never do, and for you who don't pray "invent some words" He might listen to reason after the day I have had (I hope) it sucked big time


And I am up all night again too (pain level is 9.5+)

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