The Goo Times -------------- August 8, 2019

Welcome to HELL as the pain level would climb even higher to peak at a 10 -- I am DONE I thought -- However thinking for me sometimes works out (not often but sometimes) as it seems that for every 100 thoughts I get one "sticks" and actually makes sense

But not this time as I need to DIE to be Re-Born or so it now seems as this has become a damn hopeless situation and one that there is only ONE WAY out of here

But the single thought that stuck was "what am I becoming?" as even with 25 years of pain between 1985 (injured as a damn battery) to 2010 (being called a doctors slave and getting clean as a spite measure) I had never bought "pills on the streets" [however times were different too]

Goo Report after a very long 5-7 hours in the Emergency Room --only to not get seen as the pain got to much and I didn't take ''ANYTHING'' at all for my f'n pain at all and all I was offered was 975mg Tylenol every 4 hours (we knew this wasn't going to work out to well from the get go. DIDN'T WE (YOU)

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