The Goo Times ----August 9. 2019 -- And Unofficially HELL Has Been Unfrozen

This has been a seriously screwed up few days and I wonder what is actually happening yet as call it the child in me as I am a crazed person in the last few hours as my body is going through sh*t i was totally unprepared for --> and i am very disappointed in my team rght now

However my disappointment seems to be invalidated at all levels currently as hell I AM just a damn noisy schizophrenic aren't I??

New Medication a day ago and the August 8, was a write off as I was "under the influence" of IT the Buprenorphine / Naloxone


Tylenol 1,000mg [Pain Level +9]


Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5mg [Pain Level +9]


Tylenol 1,000mg [Pain Level +10]

Divalproex 750mg (Mood Medication) and mine is shot to sh*t currently as I reside in a palace called HELL

Pantoprazole Mag 40mg (for my caste iron stomach)


Gabapentine 300mg [Pain Level +9]


Naproxen 500mg [Pain Level 9,5+]


Tylenol 1,000 mg [Pain Level 9,5+]


Gabapentine 600mg [Pain Level 10+]


Naproxen 500mg [Pain Level 10+]


Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5mg [Pain Level 10+]


Tylenol 1,000mg [Pain Level 9.5+]


Night Meds

Divalproex 1,000 (Mood Med)

Zyprexa 5mg

Benzotropine 1mg

it was a very long day and even a longer morning however I managed to get a few things accomplished besides pissing off half of the "rational world" {again} as I now am wondering of I should be getting some frequent flyer miles of some sorts

Business Cards have been designed and ordered at day 24 of the blog and I think I am finally doing something productive again after my physical world was somewhat taken away from me in the last 107 days (3 month 16 days) since my return from hell at the hospital

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