The Goo Times Report -- August 31, 2019 - It's A Miracle

Last time I did one of these reports was a few days ago and I was just getting a cross over of medications happening as we (my incredible TEAM) pulled out all the stoppers to pull my sad ass back from the edge of the abyss

It happened on August 21, 2019 at the Plastics Clinic here in Edmonton and I would be the beneficiary of the Miracle after 10 months 6 days (310 days) as my Plastic Surgeon gave me the best news I have ever received in my life it came in 4 simple words "WHERE IS THE WOUND"

The Team began my cross over from one pain med and one anti psychotic on August 8, for the pain med we went from 30mg codeine 4x a day to Suboxone 1/2 mg and then on the anti psychotic move it began the cross over on August 12, 2019 from Invega to Abilify 10mg oral (this was a test as we had no idea) [at least they didn't let on to me] by the following week April 19, 2019 a 400mg injection was ordered and delivery went somewhat rocky as i was nodding out all night and EMS was dispatched as Nurses were gravely concerned when I couldn't hold onto a conversation on the phone without nodding out

The Suboxone was increased from the 1/2 mg 2x a day to 1mg 2x a day on August 20, 2019

Pain was dropping finally and I was feeling again (not yet human but feeling) then the Visit with Plastics on August 21 was the game changer in combination

On the 26t of August with a call to Access 24/7 a young *smart* conuseler suggested a tip (this blog was the result of a tip on July 16 and likely saved my life) her tip was i should talk to my team and devlople a NIGHT PLAN / PROGRAM

And having 24/7 access to the voice mail of my mental health nurse (this also likely saved me) I called and relayed this idea

On the 27th of August my Case Manager and OT came by for outfitting my home, and I was ashamed as when i was unwell for 10+ months not a lot got cleaned

I became depressed and want to end it (baby)

Police were dispatched on a welfare check DJ / Linden were gentlemen and convnced me it wasn't as bad as i perceived

A meeting time was established for August 29 (after my physiology appointment) (this is also very knew and I have had 8 sessions so far and it to played a massive role in saving me from me when the pain levels were 8-9) and teaching me about myself (I waited 35 years for this kind of help long time but I have it finally )


that was last Thursday and I was kind of ordered (if i wanted to engage in my PLAN) to follow the orders that seemed easy at first glance

Bottle bagged and stashed on that day

Friday was a bit more as the fridge was my task (inside and out) that was August 30 and only 9 days since I came back to life (killing me girls)

Saturday was Kitchen Table Organize and Art supplies

Sunday was was all the clothes (ths was 24 flights of stairs)

Monday was my day and I am now "TRAPPED" (in Houseboy Modality) Kid You Not

I am so very blessed as I was able to relax in my home last night

Two (2) sleeps till my 6th Anniversary of walking away from my old life of Isolation to YOUR world of LOVE

Was going to buy a stereo at Best Buy for the LP/CD c0llettions but I might end up short and I hope a kind girl / lady I am hoping will show up will understand it needs to wait a month as this is a big deal and its only $215 (but I can't risk it, hope you understand) still have spotify, 8700 tune on I tunes and YouTube's lots of music

But anyways its a MIRACLE I AM ALIVE AT ALL

Thank You All

I walked

August 29 = 6.23 miles

August 30 = .5.47 miles

August 31 = 5.94 miles

Sept 1 = 1.48 miles (did washing and cleaning) Houseboy -Remember?

Sept 2 = 6.76 miles

(now i am tired and going to rest)

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