The Goo Times ------ Volume August 04, 2019

I am going to do this (try) to do this nightly as a distraction technique as I hurt, and I need to find stuff to needlessly and pointlessly fill my brain as I need to get unfocused from the body, mind and soul as I have to let it all go and maybe someone will see something in what I am doing and bring a idea to the "TEAM" that I have been unwittingly drafted into as it is MY TEAM

my day began late as I was finally "allowed" to sleep after 36 hours of consciousness and I shut down hard last night finally, and slept till 1:58pm (pulling in 11:11 hrs sleep) now if your a schizophrenic and numbers actually mean stuff to you those are Angel numbers and I have believed that "[[THEY]]" HAVE BEEN WATCHING ME for a very long time:: and my bounce rate for today on the blog (here) were also 11.11 (it's a sign AK) I told you I know they are watching over me

However it took me till 2:22pm (another spiritual number to get to my meds) as I couldn't walk at all when I woke up -- I was scared but The Goo Times details the day

The Goo Times is also a tool for my mental / physical health teams to see where I am pharmaceutically -- I am going to begin to include as the days go by pain levels as I take The Medicated Goo as I want to be saved from the closing date I have set that they are aware of and I hope to benefit others suffering as well as if the rate of C.P.S. (Chronic Pain Syndrome) in the USA is 20% it is likely that in Canada as well

I am also still going to report on my own healing and the various treatments I am seeking as the wounds needs as I have been told


And it will take lots of that now all we need to do is hope I actually plan on sticking this S.OB. out as they Ms Payne and The Devil Girl are f'n dangerous at least towards me and my life



30mg Codeine (level 9.5+)

1,000mg Tylenol

750mg Divalproex *mood med*

40mg Pantoprazle Magnesium (stomach med)


500mg Naproxen (level 9

30mg Codeine


30mg Codeine


300mg Gabapentine


30mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol


30mg Codeine


30mg Codeine


600mg Gabapentine


500mg Naproxen


1,000mg Divalproex

5mg Zyprexa

1mg Benzotropine

As I head to the pasta bar, I am grateful to Big Pharma The Governments, and YOU all, and my Motivational Team and [[Angel "A'']] for pushing me to make a massive pot of sauce for the day which iis going to last a week--- this has been a very long day

Publisher of The Goo Times Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II


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