The Goo Times ----- Volume August 06, 2019

This has been yet another long day as I didn't get out of the HOME again today therefore I saw none of the incredible people in my area --- This makes 3 days in a row

Tomorrow I have Home Care (which doesn't actually mean Home Care as I have to go there and I have no idea as to how this is going to be even remotely possible as it is a 2 mile walk from here)

Hey I slept last night / this morning a dramatic 4 hours 52 minute of which I was awake for 32 minutes of (oh well better than the night before when I slept ZERO hours I guess)

I took a dose of @ 7:06am

Codeine 30mg (1/4)

Tylenol 1,000mg

(my pain level at this point was as it was pretty much throughout my day at a 9,5+ and it sucked) -- But hey I wasn't dead leaving the "Suffering Industry" a carcass to still feed from--

This was when I was finally "ALLOWED" to sleep between 7:11am and 12:35pm for that massive 4 hr 52 min session of sleep-- so I am grateful for this as it was my first sleep in a few days

Next dosing was to take place @12:44pm with the

Divalproex 750mg

Pantoprazole Mag 40mg

Pain meds were next up at 12:59pm

Codeine 30mg (2/4)

Tylenol 1,000mg

The pain [Level was 9.5+]

Next was the

Naproxen 500mg @ 1:13pm and a pain level of "you guessed it" 9.5+

Then the

Gabapentine 300mg @ 1:54pm

(this was / is the only increase from my last session with my doctor who claims we are a "TEAM" I just don't see or understand how she (Dr Sal) sees this TEAM hallucination in her head (but I am the schizophrenic so maybe it is my hallucination as she can't have them as she is a "TRUSTED" DOCTOR) (RIGHT????)

Pain [Level 9.5+] feel the pain Lucien it will make you / me stronger (really) I wouldn't lie to you she say (feel it bro, lean into it and enjoy your suffering)


Codeine 30mg (pain level = 9.5+ (3/4)


Codeine 30mg (4/4)

Tylenol 1,000mg

Pain level = 9 (hey its down what were (IAM) doing must be working? MAYBE?


Codeine 30mg [Pain Level 9.5+] (5/4)


Naproxen 500mg [Pain Level 9.5+]


Gabapentine 600mg [Pain Level 9.5+]


Codeine 30mg [Pain Level 8+] (6/4) over by 2 on the way it was written by my doctor who gets to decide my FATE (my life if I get any relief on a weekly basis)

IAM a slave to her as a direct result and she uses this against me weekly to have me perform like a circus animal (The Mad Hatter) as does the rest of the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality)


Tylenol 1,000mg {Pain Level = +8] (4,000mg Tylenol / Max dose reached)


Divalproex 1,000mg

Zyprexa 5 mg

Benzotropine 1mg

PAIN HAS DROPPED TO A 7 in the last 1.5 hours

I am so screwed however as I only have a single Codeine 30mg left in stock and then it is up to God, Jesus and My Angel Dr Sal and Bernie all working as a TEAM to restock my cupboards till Friday at least

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