The Hidden Post Exposed Again -- Medicated Goo Increased By Me

I am ashamed of me as I am not playing by the "rules of suffering" as IAM supposed to "suffer" for YOU all as I understand this as well as I can \ my "suffering is not over" is it -- Well Dylan just popped on with "Like a Rolling Stone" (GOD I want to / no NEED TO get HIGH) Like forever

I increased it and took my daily Codeine at

@ 325pm (when I finally got out of bed) after 2 days of consciousness

30mg Codeine

1,000 mg Tylenol

@ 608pm (early)

30mg Codeine

@ 7pm (early)

30mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol

@740pm (early)

30mg Codeine

@830pm (early)

30mg Codeine

This is what is called "self medicating" to some extent (less the booze adn weeds) and the rate this is going that is coming too

Lynyrd Skynyrd just popped on with Free Bird (Dr L Burbak) thank you for setting me free after 20 months in captivity, and until you lose your freedom "you never knew you had it in the first place"

My first medication screw up today (sorry) the pain is that bad I promise

Stepphenwolf with "The Pusher" is on (funny) as that is what i nee right now as I rapidly deteriorate into a a hellish place

You do NOT want to enter

Mona you allowed me to see K & J were never coming home, and that they were safe so Dr Y the only item on my list of

March 6, 2019 @ our first session when you you generously allowed me three wishes for your "Genie Bottle" and I took

1) Pain free from the wound (which you granted me short term) a few weeks

2) To know and see/hear/ feel (V.A.K.) that K & J were safe and OKAY (Mona granted this on April 10/2019 the night before my major surgery)

3) I never used it (and would still feel pain free from the wound in here if ever given the incredible chance again) as this pain is more than mental and physical it has now even affected my spiritual area

Rolling Stones and Beast of Burden comes on

I will write more later I am melting in here

And I think I have a Opiate Buzz -- Oh goody time for a Pee Test Tomorrow when I see my Dr S, that seems to benefit from my pain as a buddy was just saying


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