The L.S.D. x

You all are incredible geniuses using a Structure Of Realty a *S.O.R.* I thought I began using in 2010 to get myself

as Clean and Sober as I am this night the L.S.D x (Life Style Design Xperimant) you all have been wwatching and tracking me it would seem for a very long time

It is all a very well scripted physco drama -- i am just so very glad to be a tiny part of

I am so very, very blessed even with the hole in the tail bone region where it is neither wanted nor needed

pain is bad again tonight (physical) but knowing my incredible teams are working as hard as humanly possible to provide some break in the day without the pain is comfortaing

I was mentally and physically tired a few months ago just before I was stopped and helped with the pain and my mind as when one has pain for months on end it changes ones reality and mental filters

the physical pain is back tonight but I was "allowed" to make a few people happy or happier so this makes me feel a bit better

Best friend and me are at war and this has made me supper sad -- it keeps occuring

programs began tomorrow and I am very excited

Vision is a mess as a med issue -- as I am higher than a kite and I am not happy bout this

16 minutes till Monitors are off so I am posting and sighning off


Key' Lo '

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