The Mad Hatter Experience & The Monk Experiment~30 April 2021

Today The Mad Hatter Experience & The Monk Experiment become one as I need to push and to bend the corners of the minds of the planetarium / Earth as we know it

The Monk Experiment in the last few days since deciding to form around me on the 28th of April has made a few investments in the future of The Mad Hatter Experience. Not including giving back 3.5 KM of walking as The Mad Hatter Experience, on 111 Ave here in my home town

I love you people as was feeling very down as people that I have know ( assumption based on "what" other than lineal time passages ) are disappearing as I even needed to cancel a medical test as I need to have a person that knows me ( or something pick me up after the test )

"don't I know there is a pandemic?" ( no I have lived under a rock for over a year and the mask I wear where ever I go is a hallucination ) " hey is your mental illness ok? Are you taking you medications? (well I get injected every 28 days so YES I am but who cares right? as I just used the word hallucination didn't I and people with you / my illness do that a lot right? so if your writing the word maybe the medications are not working? ) this is just how stupid some of the people that hung around me have been, as now my manner of speech is a mental health issue, fu*k ( wonder what they will see in that word )

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