The Mad Hatter Project, Create-A-Person Kit -Human Intelligent Design Engineering (HIDE)

Industrial Design is all we have to base our "models" on our lives -- My own "little" --- "Design By Society Inc" project began that fateful day back on February 15, 2013 when I "opened the door" to my life/world and let the "re-designers" "re-programmers" and --"re-engineers" into my life and world -- and "[[THEY]]" changed or would move fast and never leave me a moment to even think about the macro-vision of what was going on in my life / world anymore

Now looking at the


Present &


I am starting to see bits and bytes of the reality that "[[THEY]]" actually care a great deal for me in so many aspects that I can't even begin to (understand) the LOVE that was/is and most likely will continue to be shown unto me (unless the genius one here screws it up)

It would take "[[them]]" "[[THEY]]" some 2,375 days ( 6 years, 6 months, 3 days ) to totally alter my life / world and "[[THEY]]" would use the magik of neruochemistry / surgery -prayer - and likely other forms of change I / we know sh*t about

These people /entities do not live / function on the same plane of reality that the we the "common man" know or can identify with at all

And "[[THEY]]" are teaching me through "Mind Data Field Dumps & Uploads" -- Books, Files, People, Visions, Hallucinations (these are only thoughts, as my "thoughts" are different than yours so which is right? and which is a "Hallucination?") all arrive as if on cue to a thought --remember the first lines in the classic "Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill" in Chapter 1 he says "Thoughts Are Things" in the first line actually (I just looked) as my mind is drugged up these days on pain meds, and mental pharma

What if we write our own script and are our personal directors of our lives and can change everything by a thought process

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