The Mad Hatters Journey Into Crypto Assets

My incredible 12 days of Crypto-Assets ( Digital Assets ) has shown me a way that we can be as we move forward in the history of Man, when it began I took a course from a gentleman whom I now get to communicate with on my Instagram account, the course is at Udemy and it is called " Simply NFT" it was $16.99 CAD and well worth it

And I would pick the ultimate strange week in Crypto for a very long time as I couldn't have timed the dip any better it I had tried

It all started off with a contact via Instagram for what I was lead to believe was a lady (never believe anyone in Crypto) as this is a very weird "space" and I am not even joking and as we all know I live below a Canadian Poverty line but I get by, she began on May 5, to isolate me and turn the screws on me as she was promising me $7340 USD for an investment of $500 USD I sold off my tiny stock portfolio as I seriously was into this "event" as a bonus like that would / could change my life so I was starting to become aware of the markets and then on May 17, 2021 I was able to get a wee bit of free Crypto for learning / earning and growing ( I had no ID ) and she ordered me to get it fixed and I complied ASAP but on the 17th I found Publish Ox at and then it began as the ID arrived finally on the 18th of May and I only had about half as she told me it was USD a few days before and that made it $610

I was having a tough time uploading my ID to a Crypto Exchange and I hit the "chat" button and I only wanted to load the ID but the guy at the exchange must of sensed something was a miss and stopped the transactions as she had told me to send it to her wallet ( a digital storage ) that could be anywhere in the world

I received all my money back to the penny, and the next day I decided that I was still going to do this as I told myself think of the money ( assets) as already gone and I joined a exchange and they have been brilliant and they are at

Check it out as for a 100$ investment into a asset like BITCOIN you get a bonus of $10 and they have a series of short 1-3 minute videos once you are all verified that I was given about $28 USD in Digital assets

The 11 days have been a test and I only wish I would have a few more FIAT dollars to invest

Thank You for reading and check out the links

Blessings all

Lucien aka The Mad Hatter Experience

A note we have our first Merch coming in the next few weeks if it all goes as it should

stay tuned

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