The New Guy and Medicated Goo

Welcome to the "Kingdom Hall" Jehovah Witness club house, and the recruitment machine that brought you in, began at December 15, 1884 and is a Corporation designed to as most Corporations are to Make MONEY $$

You want to be a actual NEW GUY at the Kingdom Hall, You will likely never be more than that (the) NEW GUY

And we will save your soul as they did my moms (till she couldn't pay) then she was abandoned and left with being sick in a Nursing Home,

The Goo File:

@ 820-pm

30mg Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol

@ 850-pm

500mg Naproxen

This pain is a mind numbing mess, even my Care Providers do NOT understand why or how this is occurring to me. ON ME

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