The Opiate Cheat 101 And / Or Mr. Honest Can' Not, Not Lie

Just hit a level that i have had for a while a Level 9.5 + with the pain from the three (3) ya the (3) coccyx sinus tract wounds that have been slowly tearing me apart both physically (they are a physical wound) and mentally (the slow shredding of my mental state) over the last 292 (9 months and 19 days) have altered my life in so many, many ways as i no longer know the "man in the mirror" as he is fundamentally different in so many ways he looks different physically as I look worn out, tired, drained, and exhausted from the tests the stresses the invasions into my body, mind and soul

I am argumentative with everyone over everything... there is no longer anything at all that could be labeled as spiritual about the last 292 days of what little remains of my life and world

"The punishment of Lucien" this site could be called as I get my ass kicked so many way and even literally as the coccyx is the tailbone and if you ever fell on your ass you might me able to relate somewhat a little

I am supposed to have 30mg of Codeine 4x a day but it is now 844pm and i have already used up the 4 pills (I pleaded with my personal family doctor before i had to run away from her as she totally discounts my pleas and my suffering, much as she did for the first 80 days of this damn hell, before the City Police needed along with an ER doctor needed to intervene, as she keeps using my incredible loyalty card i have with her to remind me of the concept that she is on my TEAM) a controlling factor is she runs a dictatorship and there is no dealing with people like this at all

I need a completely new physical health team as sure as hell my wound can get better with a proper treatment team that doesn't lord their incredible muscle over me when a doctor assumes the role of Gods it is time to find a new place to go for healing as doctors are must sometimes be reminded that they need to check their crucifix at the halo stand

I am in brutal pain at this moment and I am not sure if the few extra tabs will be enough anymore to "allow my physical body" the ability to relax and to take my mind off the pain at all, as you see when the physical body is under stress it produces negative neurochemicals which actually inhibit cell growth (and i have a lot of cells to grow to fill the "TRIPLETS" my 2.1cm x 6.5 cm x 2 cm tunneling wounds) and this is a __ ___C KING long term rehab procedure and will take months if not years for it to heal

Codeine 60mg was taken at 837am taking me along this path for the morning

began for me at


30mg Codeine (1 tab)

1,000mg Tylenol (2 tabs)


30mg Codeine (1 tab)

1,000mg Tylenol (2 tabs)

and this is where i pretty much said __ __ CK this


60 mg Codeine (2 tabs)

I am tired this morning and very grateful for the people that show up to read my writings as you are now who I see the world through as my body seems to be dying as I write these days

Thank YOU all and

God Bless

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