The Order of The Last Orange Outfit -- and The Great (not so great) Escape

I had to give up My Last Orange Outfit as I left The Order of The Last Orange Outfit way back on April 30, 2014

But as they say "some shit don't die easy, and some don't die at all"

who says this shit anyways?

The truth is that were all looking for our way out of The Order of The Last Orange Outfit in some manner or not, as we as a western society embark upon our own "personal psychotherapy pilgrimage" that for 20% of us beings with that first attempt at a "state change" generally accompanied by a hangover the next day, or weed stick, fact is most people in the western world are looking for something to change our state.

The shedding of The Last Orange Outfit sometimes takes a lifetime, and sometimes no matter how much "couch time" we rack up that Orange Outfit is feeling like clng wrap around our own skin and so we struggle to find ourselves in the crowds and masses all "pretty much" seeking the same elusive elixir that

One shot in a million at "Our Own Personal Freedom" for some it comes to the Rum others the Molson's, or Coors for some the Weed, the Crack, all for that moment we see the other side of the illusion of the reality (the Matrix) we are trapped in

So what will YOU do today to Shed The Last Orange Outfit in the wardrobe, and remember that it begins inside as

All Power is From Within "To Conquer Oneself is the goal"

Are YOU "willing and ready to play?"

"Keep in "my" Mind" there truly is no escape, resistance is futile as [[they]] own everything "including YOU"

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